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Richard Attias & Associates
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THE NEW YORK FORUM INSTITUTE is a non-profit foundation based in New York that helps business leaders and companies understand and shape the business world by sharing knowledge, perceptions, trends and ideas. The Institute’s findings and work were highlighted and debated at its annual event, The New York Forum.

The New York Forum Institute is a knowledge management platform open to the entire business community that will pursue the call for action launched during the New York Forum, promote future-oriented ideas to the leading decision-makers, and work for the emergence of new businesses. The focus of the Institute will be on concrete and innovative solutions that center on economic growth, creating alliances and fostering relationships, and encouraging young talent and entrepreneurs. It is a contemporary Bell Labs for concrete business propositions.

The Institute is aimed at providing business leaders and decision-makers with knowledge sharing tools, idea confrontations,a means to follow up proposed initiatives, and best practices, and it intends to help them search for innovative business models. The Institute has transparency of its processes and work at the core of its mission.

The Institute and The New York Forum itself are a response to the wildest economic crisis of modern times. The crisis highlighted the urgent need for innovation and new business models. But the aims of the Institute are far more than a response to current conditions. Business leaders will benefit from engaged discussion, knowledge sharing and a restless spirit of inquiry in good times and bad times. The one certainty for executives in this century will be change. The Institute will be a fundamental platform to help leaders navigate that change.

“We want the NYF Institute to be your home for testing, exploring and sharing ways to rebuild confidence and credibility and to reinvigorate the economy.” – Richard Attias

TRAIN MY GENERATION A primary initiative of The New York Forum Institute and launched by The New York Forum Africa in 2013, Train my Generation is an innovative educational initiative aiming at reducing youth unemployment in a targeted selection of countries. This project will contribute to the creation of a network of vocational training schools that will equip young people with the skills that companies operating in the growing sector of the economy are looking for. By starting from the business needs, it will reduce the current skills mismatch that is the number one source of unemployment and contribute to the economic development at large.

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