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• Published on 23 Jul. 2014 • Category : Africa • Tags : arica smartphones banking
Africa, where smartphones -- and smart banking -- reign supreme On the African continent, in particular the sub-Saharan region, mobile phone use has exploded in recent years. Nigeria consumes more media on smartphones than any country on earth (Kenya is fifth), and Africans -- many of whom live off the grid -- use mobile technology to connect to the larger world and to one another. In Kenya, an organization called Peek Vision is even using smartphone apps to give cheap and accurate eye examinations.More than anything, though, Africa is the home of mobile finance. Africans, everyone from cab drivers in the cities to farmers in remot(...)
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• Published on 30 Jun. 2014 • Category : Economy • Tags : sustainable development economy
Report indicates sustainable development can preserve environment and boost economySpend a little now; save a lot later.That appears to be the guiding mantra of a study from the World Bank on climate-smart development released this week. In it, the authors praise the benefits -- on life span, community health, job creation and gross domestic product -- of nations embracing climate-smart developmentin both new construction and the retrofitting of existing properties. The study indicates that if governments act soon to engage with green development, the economic and environmental benefits will soon far outweigh the initial costs.To generate t(...)
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• Published on 15 Jun. 2014 • Category : Development • Tags : brasil economy environment
How Brazil grew its economy without sacrificing the environment With the 2014 FIFA World Cup in full swing, most reports out of Brazil deal with the home team’s chances of raising the Jules Rimet trophy for a record sixth time. But in recent weeks there have been a couple of other noteworthy reports, and these are worried more about carbon-emission reduction and economic growth instead of wins and losses on the pitch.According to two different studies released in the first week of June, Brazil now leads the world in something other than World Cup titles. The massive South American nation is also No. 1 in reducing carbon emissions, mostly t(...)
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• Published on 23 May 2014 • Category : Africa
Agriculture reform is key to Africa’s ground-up economyLast week, former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo wrote an editorial for Forbes magazine titled “Agriculture is the New Oil”. In the piece, Obasanjo argued that Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation and, as of 2014, its largest economy, needed to turn its attention from oil rigs to farmland. Owning the continent’s largest economy would mean little, Obasanjo argued, if Nigeria still couldn’t afford to feed itself.Obasanjo called it Nigeria’s Agricultural Paradox: How can a country with 84 million hectares of arable land and two of Africa’s largest rivers also have a governme(...)
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• Published on 22 May 2014 • Category : Africa • Tags : tourism economy africa
Tourism industry will be key for Africa’s economic independence Physically, Africa can be overwhelming and awe-inspiring. From the Cape of Good Hope’s rocky cliffs to the steady, massive Nile on to the vast, arid Sahara, Africa is home to nearly every geographic peculiarity, all of them striking. The culture and history, much of it pristinely preserved, offer a singular experience to any visitor.For these reasons, the expansion of the tourism sector represents Africa’s next logical economic step. As the continent attempts to transform from a mining-focused, resource-reliant continent to one full of diversified, value-added industry, the tourism trade r(...)
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