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• Published on 24 Sept. 2014 • Category : nyforum • Tags : Climate
Fight Against Climate Change Seen Driving Economic GrowthGovernment and industry leaders need not choose between fighting climate change or growing the world’s economy. They can do both, according to a new study.Countries can expand their economies through emissions reductions in cities, land use and energy, according to a report released today by the Global Commission on the Economy & Climate, a panel set up by seven nations including the U.K. to advise on the best ways to tackle global warming.The report, which found that about $90 trillion will be invested in city infrastructure over the next 15 years, comes a week before world leaders head(...)
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• Published on 23 Sept. 2014 • Category : nyforum • Tags : climate
Errors and Emissions: Could Fighting Global Warming Be Cheap and Free?Paul Krugman for The New York TimesThis just in: Saving the planet would be cheap; it might even be free. But will anyone believe the good news?I’ve just been reading two new reports on the economics of fighting climate change: a big study by a blue-ribbon international group, the New Climate Economy Project, and a working paper from the International Monetary Fund. Both claim that strong measures to limit carbon emissions would have hardly any negative effect on economic growth, and might actually lead to faster growth. This may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. These are s(...)
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• Published on 23 Sept. 2014 • Category : nyforum • Tags : Climate
Climate is too important to be left to the politiciansDon Tapscott is the author of 15 books about new media and business and society. He directs the Global Solution Network Program at The Rotman School, University of Toronto, which is investigating partnership models of global problem solving and governance.Tuesday’s Climate Summit at the United Nations is unprecedented. Even though it is not part of the UN’s official negotiating process for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this could be the most important and productive meeting on climate change ever held. In addition to heads of member states, it’s bringing together leaders at the high(...)
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• Published on 30 Aug. 2014 • Category : Economy • Tags : innovation development
Frugal innovation is future of sustainability in developing worldOver the past few years, frugal innovation -- the development of low-cost alternatives to aid poorer communities -- has become a staple of the developing world’s economic makeup. Everything from medical devices to cars to household appliances have been stripped down to their minimum requirements and sold at a fraction of the Western price.Now, with climate change threatening the health of the globe, many developing nations are once again turning to frugal innovation to help fight their effects while simultaneously promoting sustainability. Let’s look at some of recent low-cost, efficient s(...)
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• Published on 17 Aug. 2014 • Category : Finance • Tags : brics bank fail
Can BRICS development bank succeed where others have failed?On July 15 in Brazil, the smoke had just cleared on the 2014 World Cup, one of the most memorable in the competition’s history. Already, though, there was more global news to announce. During a summit of the BRICS nations -- an acronym for a coalition of nations consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -- in Fortaleza, Brazil, the leaders announced the formation of a New Development Bank (NDB). The bank comes as a result of the BRICS nations -- all of whom have become major economic players recently -- not getting a corresponding amount of influence within the development (...)
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