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• Published on 30 Aug. 2014 • Category : Economy • Tags : innovation development
Frugal innovation is future of sustainability in developing worldOver the past few years, frugal innovation -- the development of low-cost alternatives to aid poorer communities -- has become a staple of the developing world’s economic makeup. Everything from medical devices to cars to household appliances have been stripped down to their minimum requirements and sold at a fraction of the Western price.Now, with climate change threatening the health of the globe, many developing nations are once again turning to frugal innovation to help fight their effects while simultaneously promoting sustainability. Let’s look at some of recent low-cost, efficient s(...)
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• Published on 30 Jun. 2014 • Category : Economy • Tags : sustainable development economy
Report indicates sustainable development can preserve environment and boost economySpend a little now; save a lot later.That appears to be the guiding mantra of a study from the World Bank on climate-smart development released this week. In it, the authors praise the benefits -- on life span, community health, job creation and gross domestic product -- of nations embracing climate-smart developmentin both new construction and the retrofitting of existing properties. The study indicates that if governments act soon to engage with green development, the economic and environmental benefits will soon far outweigh the initial costs.To generate t(...)
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• Published on 12 Jun. 2013 • Category : Economy • Tags : Dubai Expo Economy Expo 2020 : Dubai's Triumphant ComebackDubai has recently been announced as the organizer of the 2020 universal exhibition, Expo 2020. It heralds an economic and political return to center stage for this emirate that was left moribund after the crisis of 2008, proving that strategic vision and strong leadership are still cardinal values for a country.In 2008, Dubai was on the brink of economic meltdown. Analysts waxed ironical about delusions of grandeur and the arrogance that had led the small emirate straight into the wall. In the days of subprimes and the collapse of Lehman Brothers, it was fashionable to criticize the Dubai mod(...)
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• Published on 09 Jun. 2011 • Category : Economy
What do women bring to the table?Shortly after Iceland’s descent into financial chaos two years ago, the Icelandic people decided it was time for change, and replaced their erstwhile male prime minister with a woman called Johanna Sigurdardottir. An elegant 68-year-old, with coiffed white-gold hair, Sigurdardottir’s resume includes a stint as a stewardess at Loftleiðir Icelandic Airlines, and she became the world’s first openly gay premier. Her accession to power was heralded with a spate of articles about Iceland’s strong females. Women, we were told, were “cleaning up the men’s mess“ (Spiegel). They w(...)
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