Richard Attias & Associates
Part of WPP
Richard Attias & Associates
Part of WPP
COMMITTED TO GROWTH The New York Forum was conceived out of a conviction that the business world is at a crucial crossroads. It is imperative to send a strong message of optimism about the future of the global economy, work to redefine corporate governance, create long-term value and reinvent business models by bringing together all stakeholders in the economy.

The New York Forum recognizes that government alone can’t solve the key problems. Nor can the private sector alone, nor cadres of experts alone. The allure of simple solutions, too, is illusory. At The New York Forum we bring together leaders from the private sector, from government, and key experts to work together in an intensive effort to forge the touchstones of a path forward.

At its events, The New York Forum has been an innovator, using new technologies and formats to create collaborative and engaged environments. Join us for an upcoming New York Forum and help us push the boundaries for what we can achieve together.

Richard Attias & Associates is a global strategic consulting firm that creates and implements idea initiatives and platforms to support the vision of our clients. Our mission is to help nations, leaders and corporations build their global influence, catalyze innovation and lead the global exchange of ideas. Our dream is to improve the global economy through a committed community of leaders dedicated to job creation for the next generation.


We work with individual leaders on a mission and recognize that each organization or nation reflects their personal vision and values. Our experience operating in various countries, and our close working relationships with corporate, political and civil leaders, allows us to understand the norms and
culture that govern the operating landscape within each country, giving us the ability to decipher the code necessary to help inspire leaders to successfully navigate each.


We believe in the power of innovation: in technology, design and communications. This innovation concept that lies at the core of our approach and DNA. We create unforgettable live and dynamic « of the moment » programs that expand our client’s global influence and transform their visions into sustainable realities. Our work will leave a lasting footprint on our clients’ own DNA.


Our platforms - whether virtual or live - have been created to bring together our communities around issues that have a global business and social impact. But these platforms are differentiated by a clear call to action: whether policy initiatives that are implemented by heads of state, or manifestos for change, or the launch of new investment funds and the closing of new deals. RA&A is the catalyst to these actions - by bringing the right people together under a clear mission to create real and lasting change.


Global Influencer

Success is correlated to identifying, developing and maintaining close working relationships with likeminded leaders in different countries on multiple continents. Richard Attias has been instrumental in building these cross-border relationships and can visualize the global connections that make up the global DNA. Our unique ability to monitor and measure the mood and appetite of different countries and their impact on one another allows us to help our clients succeed locally and navigate globally


By bringing together leaders from various countries, industries and disciplines, and challenging them on the pressing challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow, RA&A has at its core the ability to inspire leadership, predict future trends and identify the parameters that will shape tomorrow's landscape. We work to position our clients ahead of that curve. We are always forward-thinking… and always looking to the future.

Richard Attias & Associates has offices in New York, Paris, London, Dubai and Casablanca and as a WPP company, access to the world's most comprehensive communications services group with offices in more than 100 countries.

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